A woman’s voice

Last night I dreamed that I was this big successful and famous advocate for woman’s rights and equality. I’ve been thinking about it since I woke up. I think there are some who would say I would make a terrible advocate. These would be the people who have attacked me for my view on being a woman.

See, here’s the thing. I think women should be equal with men, equal but different, because we are different, we have all these years of evolution that have built our bodies and everything different. I mean that isn’t to say that a woman can’t be as strong and as big as a man, but I’m speaking in those evil generalisations here.

I like being feminine and soft, I like asking a man to open a stuck jar lid or Tui bottle cap for me so I don’t hurt my delicate hands, and they are delicate. I like knowing that my male friends will step in and protect me, I also like knowing I can and have protected myself and my friends from attack.

I like wearing dresses and make up and dressing up and being told I’m pretty/hot/sexually appealing. I like shaving my legs, I like not shaving my legs and I will never shave my forearms. I don’t find arm pit hair hugely appealing but I wouldn’t tell someone to shave if they liked it, hell I prefer hairless men at times, it’s personal preference, and okay maybe some of it is society programming, and if a woman wants hair down there then fucking go for it. If a guy won’t be with you if you have natural hair then he isn’t fucking worth your time and needs to grow up and stop watching too much porn.

I like knowing that random men and women find me attractive, I don’t like them using that as a reason to make me feel uncomfortable or act without my consent. I like being pretty and I like being sexy…even if 80% of the time I won’t believe you if you tell me that I am.

All that said I would love to be able to talk to girls and women around the world and help them be stronger in themselves, this world is such that we are often feeling something negative about ourselves, whether it’s because we’ve been made to feel too fat, too skinny, the wrong colour or shape, too imperfect, or if it’s because we don’t get the respect we fucking deserve from those around us, or we don’t get paid fairly or given the same opportunities because of what we have in our bra and panties.

We should feel confident about who we are, in all our similarities and differences, and maybe that dream wasn’t so farfetched after all.

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Inspiration for life

So I’ve been playing around with my camera talents (which I wish were so much more, I have so many photo shoot ideas….) and I took some photos and I’ve been playing around in GIMP and I created this based on the wonderful quote from Benjamin Franklin…

Write Something  Worth Reading  or  Do Something  Worth Writing

The full quote is “If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing.” I think it also holds true if you want to meet the after life with a proud smile, do the same. Personally I think one can do both, I certainly plan on it.

Where am I going?

What am I aiming for?

I find I am the girl who wants it all, and I think that leaves me fumbling and lost. I want the amazing tree house in the forest, the natural life, the garden and the forest friends. I want the city life, I want the convenience, I want the prestige, I want the neighborhood that others dream of, I want the grass that get pimped. (I still don’t even understand that but I want it).
I want to write and be paid for it, I want to be a successful best seller. I want books that move people and inspire them. I want to make people dream of being more than they are, I want people to get lost in the worlds I create and miss the friends they made when the story finishes.
I want to be discovered, not work hard to make them notice me.
I want to dance.
I want to inspire.
I want to help heal the world. I want to speak to every person who struggles thinking they are not enough and I want to help them see they are. I want to do that because most days I forget that I am worth it and how wonderful I am. I understand and because of it I can see the worth in others when they have lost that themselves.
I want to help heal every person who has been hurt my another.
I want to turn society upside down so we see that it doesn’t make a blind bit of fucking difference what body parts we have, what color those parts happen to be, it doesn’t matter how we worship or if we worship. What matters is we act with love, we don’t hurt anyone else, we strive to make the world better, to make ourselves better. WE DO NOT HURT ANYONE ELSE.
Honestly that one shouldn’t be hard to get across but it is.
I want to be a force for the women out there that are struggling. Struggling with self worth and body image, with their place in society.
I want to run dance classes, not to teach people how to dance as much as to teach them to know their body and be comfortable in it, to be comfortable dancing for themselves or for others.
I have so many things I want to do and then I also want to hide away in my house and see no one and do nothing and just watch movies and read books and fade from the memory of others. Some days I think I’m two steps along in that desire.
I am left not knowing which direction I should go in. Which thing I should pursue. How do I know what I can achieve? How do I know which is for me? Can I do them all? Am I worthy of these pursuits?
I don’t know.
I want it all and I want it now.
And a minion. I want a minion

Fakers to the left

I’ve been thinking a bit about friendship and the people we have in our lives. While I agree that the internet has made for amazing friendships I think it’s also made for even more fair weather friends. You know the kind…the ones that love you to death while you’re giving them attention, while you’re there to listen to their life story, make them feel good about themselves, but that ditch you the moment they have the attention of someone “better” or just go quiet when you need them, when you need to be lifted up or given a shoulder and a calming word.

I’ve seen it a lot lately, the people who make someone else feel like shit because they’ve just ignored their “friends” pain, the ones who make someone else feel crappy because they can’t give them the time of day and reply to their contact but can post up on facebook. The arrival of such things as facebook messages telling you when someone saw the message but then no reply comes…I’ve lost track of how many people I’ve seen upset because of that.

It leads me to wonder if we are putting too much energy into people who simply don’t deserve us.

If you can’t treat me with the same level of interest and love as I show you, why should I bother?

If you can’t reply to my message, email, @, text, IM, but you can post up which celebrity fantasy creature’s uncle you are, why should I bother?

If you ditch me for the next pretty face, handsome face that pays you attention and leave me to deal with my problems without a comforting word or thought, why should I bother?

If you backstab, gossip or do other disloyal things, why should I bother?

Why do we bother? Why do we care what people like this think? Why do we give them our best to get little in return?

And what about the people who give us the things we need, who are the friends we desire and deserve, what of them while we give others our time and end up turning to them to bitch about the losers, the disloyal, the assholes, how does that make them feel?

Friendship is an important thing, we all need it, so maybe we should cherish the ones who raise us up, maybe we stop putting so much time and effort into the ones who aren’t actually true and real friends.


At the end of the day

They don’t deserve us. Just think how much happier we’ll be if we put that effort and attention to where it belongs. Hold high those who hold you up, and let the others know where the door is…

White men can dance

Well some. Walken. He’s got the moves, even if those moves are sometimes make your daughter cringe moves.

Christopher Walken Dance Now

I am still giggling and squeeing after watching this. It’s so perfectly done and I am just….eeeee…..it’s awesome. I don’t know what the gangster style movie is with what appears to be a traumatising strip show but I wants to see. And the dancing aristocrat. 

Love Walken. Gotta say though, there were a couple of moves there where you wondered if he still had that watch up the butt. *giggles*